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Intel Socket 1151 Kaby Lake i3-7100 3.9GHz Dual Core Processor With Fan
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Intel Socket 1151 Kaby Lake i3-7100 3.9GHz Dual Core Processor With Fan

Intel Kaby Lake  

Unprecedented power and responsiveness , paired with easy, built-in security, means you can work, play and create as quickly and seamlessly as your heart desires. Plus, by enabling superior 4K resolution, 7th Generation Intel Core processors will have you feeling immersed in gaming and entertainment like never before.

Lightning Responsivness

With the new 7th Generation Intel Core processors, your PC will meet every demand quickly and seamlessly-get 0.5 second wake with Windows Modern Standby and Intel Ready Mode Technology ( Intel RMT ), and rapidly switch between applications and web pages with Intel Speed Shift technology.

Simple and Robust security Protection

Shop and browse more securely and easily knowing that your information is protected. Traditional security solutions use software to protect your passwords leaving your PC open to potential vulnerabillities. 7th Generation Intel Core systems provide peace of mind by encrypting storing passwords and payment information in the hardware, accessible only with a master password or biometric credential like a fingerprint.


* Intel Kabylake LGA1151 i3-7100
* Dual core+hyper-threading / 4 threads , 3.9Ghz box cpu
* 14nm
* SSE4 , AVX2 , BMi, FMA3, SBA
* No vPro , no TSX , VT-x + VT-d + AES-N
* Built-in dual channel DDR3L-1600/DDR4-2400 memory controler
* 34.2Gb/sec memory bandwidth
* Built-in HD630 graphics ( 24EU , 350/1100mhz , dual stream video decode + HDMi )
* 3mb L3 cache
* 51w
* Quick Sync Video +  InTru 3D + Insider + Clear Video HD
* Tripple Display Capable + wireless display Capable
* With fan
* 3 Year warranty

R2093.00 including VAT
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