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LG 24M38H 24" LED 1920x1080 Monitor

LG 24M38H 24" LED 1920x1080 Monitor

R2099.00   R2221.00

I have never felt very comfortable with ordering computer parts on-line, but Andy provided excellent...

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Paul Kitching     
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Testimonial by Johan van Noordwyk
Subject: Best Service

Bought a Xeon CPU from Landmark and it was in Johannesburg the next day. Excellent service and always willing to help.

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Testimonial by Sean
Subject: Penryn

lol found your site :P haha! Thanks for providing penryn to us! Great to have brand new products available instantly from you guys. I am going to enjoy some overclocking this weekend coming :)

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Testimonial by Sean
Subject: Penryn

Provided Penryn (first in S.A) !

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Testimonial by Capricorn
Subject: Andy

Just a word on the chap running this little operation ;), fantastically helpful who goes out of his way to service his clients (why does that sound wrong? :P) Keep it up Andy. and best wishes!!!

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Testimonial by Ricky Kacev
Subject: Best Prices and Service

I only buy from Andy aka Landmark Computers...he is the most helpful person always going out his way to help and offers grt services at amazing prices... you will never be dissapointed

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Testimonial by Ian Kemp
Subject: Great prices, excellent service

Most computer retailers offer either good prices or good service - Landmark provides both great prices AND excellent customer service. Not only that, they are able to source high-end hardware that local distributors can't get hold of. Ordered an Antec 850W PSU that was on special. The Cape Town suppliers didn't have stock, so Andy offered me a similar Zalman PSU. I said I wanted the Antec, so he sourced a unit from Johannesburg at no additional cost to myself, and it only took an additional day. He was also kind enough to allow me to collect my order and thus save me the extra hundred bucks on shipping. Landmark is one of the best PC retailers that I've ever had the pleasure to shop at. Highly recommended and I will definitely buy from them again!

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Testimonial by Craig
Subject: Always a pleasure

Thanks Andy for the awesome service. I ordered a MSI RX3870 and Asus X38 motherboard on Monday and had it delivered to my house on Wednesday. Always a pleasure buying from you and all of the best with the site. P.S. Great prices on your DDR2 memory! Certainly will upgrade soon. Craig

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Testimonial by Hereticangel
Subject: 8800GT

Also got great service from him and my 8800gt is still going strong

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Testimonial by twinsaver
Subject: Andy, Bloody marvelous dealer

I just wanna officially thank Andy and the superb service that I?ve received from him. Being in desperate need to upgrade my rig as soon as possible, I was quite astounded at how helpful and welcoming he was to someone to a n00b like me. He responded quickly and was always willing to answer any questions I had. From the moment I made the payment I was regularly informed of the progress of my shipment ? something I always find incredibly helpful. I ordered a CPU, RAM, gfx card and mobo from him. I was a bit worried bout how all the components would handle the trip but, thankfully, the entire package was delivered in pristine condition - everything in it's original packaging and basically looking brand new as it should be. The next day he even phoned me personally to see how things were going and if I had any troubles!! His prices are very good. He?s also the only dealer, as far as I know of, that?s willing to take on the warranty of the components he sells. Thanks again Andy, twinsaver

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Testimonial by Troopa
Subject: The official Andy appreciation thread

I think Ill turn this into the official Andy appreciation thread Ordered components for me and a friend, had my finger on the dhl tracking for a few days strait Everything arrived in perfect condition, in the time Andy said it would take. Never had to wait more than a few hours for a PM response which is always nice too. All the stuff was installed and all the components worked out the box so that was good. I did my homework and could not find anywhere cheaper for the components I was after, the disadvantage is the 10 day wait for shipping, but ultimately 10 days to save a few grand is worth it Thanks Andy

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