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Cooler Master SGK-6030-KKCM1 Masterkeys Pro S Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Wired Keyboard
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Cooler Master SGK-6030-KKCM1 Masterkeys Pro S Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Wired Keyboard


Get the best of both worlds with the MasterKeys Pro L and Pro S: the brightest LEDs and the best tactile feeling that gamers have come to love. We completely redesigned the interior to fit both Cherry MX switches and big, fat, LEDs that can radiate 16.7 million colors. You also get on-the-fly macros, profile support, and easy-to-use software - all in a sleek, minimalistic design.

Brilliant Illumination

The MasterKeys Pro L radiates any color you want. Change and customize the color with or without software. LEDs include multiple modes of operation, including Color Wave, Breathing, and unique responsive effects.

25% Faster

The MasterKeys Pro is outfitted with the most powerful ARM Cortex M3 processor found in keyboards in the market right now. Clocking in at an impressive 72 MHz, the processor is 25% faster than keyboards that use Cortex M0 processor, which greatly unlocks the potential for the MasterKeys Pro On-the-fly System. Save and execute commands and macros instantly. No loading. No waiting. You'll beat your opponent to the punch every time.


* Cooler Master SGK-6030-KKCM1 Masterkeys Pro-S
* Cherry MX Brown
* Mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB/multicolor backlit LED on all keys
* Customizable with or without software
* With 3.5x2.8 SMT larger LED
* 72mhz ARM Cortex M3 processor ( 1.25-1.5 DMiPS/mhz )
* Compact size with arrow keys ( no numeric keys )  
* Status Indicator system by FN keys
* Tactile & bump switch with Force feedback / low resistance , 45g actuation force
* Laser marked keycaps
* Support anti-ghosting + NKRO in windows or iOS
* 1ms response time
* 512kb on-board memory
* With 3 ways/180 degrees cable management grooves
* Micro USB with detachable braided cable
* 2 Year warranty

R2276.00 including VAT
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