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ADATA AA10050QC Quick Charge 3.0 10050mAh Universal Power Bank
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ADATA AA10050QC Quick Charge 3.0 10050mAh Universal Power Bank

ADATA A10050QC 10050 mAh Power Bank

The A10050QC cuts down device batter top-up times with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, outputting up to 23W.A typical smartphone goes from empty to 80% full in just 30 minutes, redefining the concept of fast charging. Premium materials used in the USB-C connector support stable power delivery and heat management, helping the power bank sustain synchronous charge/discharge so you can recharge it while delivering power to connected devices safely. There are two ports on the A10050QC capable of max 4.6A output (up to 3.0A in port 1 and 2.5A in port 2, non-concurrently). This is more than enough to charge a smartphone and a tablet quickly side by side, helping you make better use of your precious time

Extra convenience with reversible USB-C

The A10050QC has USB-C output for snappy connectivity. No need to check which side is up and which is down as USB-C is reversible and thus super convenient to use. The standard also supports higher wattage and power delivery than previous USB generations, enabling up to 18W compared to 15W before to boost charging speed and shorten waiting times.While on select devices charging can be up to 4 times faster

Intelligent charge control

Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage, or INOV, is a feature on the A10050QC that enables fast switching between 5V and 12V as needed for each charged device. It takes into consideration various factors, such as device type, power grid stability, heat, and battery feedback to determine optimal voltage. This maximizes efficiency, reduces power loss, and greatly increases safety as it prevents overheating, overvoltage, and even under-voltage


* ADATA AA10050QC Blue
* Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
* Universal mobile device battery
* Aluminium housing with hair brush finish
* 10500mAh with Dual USB output ( type-A + type-C ) fast charging  
* 5V/2.5A input + dual output ( upto 12V / 5A )
* 105x64x23mm
* 247g
* With OVP, SCP, OTP, ODP, OCP(Over Charge Protection) , OCP(Over-Current Protection)
* 1 Year warranty

R396.00 including VAT
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